Dating notes

The terms "Russian mail order brides" and "Russian mail order wives", widely used by Americans, can be quite misleading as it almost creates the impression that the ladies would agree to marry just about anybody, which is miles far from the truth.

Both Bulgarian ladies and Russian brides are amazingly beautiful women but you will find that a greater percentage of Russian girls will have professional or better quality photos.

Most of the ladies on this dating website are originally from Bulgaria and the rest are from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Tajikistan, Poland, Czech Republic, etc.

One point worth marking is that at Sesile you will find many women of East European origin living in the West - mostly London, UK, USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland.

Just keep in mind that their motivation for this may not be as pure as you think and you may find yourself wifeless once she has got citizenship/money through marrying you.

If you register at a Russian dating service (also known as internet dating /marriage agency) and find out that lots of much younger women are contacting you eagerly for dating - you will know for sure you have landed at a scam dating website.

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In some cases in Russia one can find a woman much younger partner for dating but remember, the greater your age difference, the less the chances of your marriage surviving and more chances of getting married to someone who has no feelings for you, but plenty of financial plans...It’s important to remember that you have the power to be an active bystander.Ultimately, your family member is the only person who can choose to stop the abuse, but there are a few things you can do to encourage them to behave in healthier ways.Before eagerly grabbing a ‘bride' for yourself please pay attention to these indicators of the cultural differences between dating Bulgarian women and dating Russian women.Bulgarian ladies have free access to Europe without a visa and can on the one hand easily find employment outside Bulgaria and on the other hand visit you without fiancée visa complications if you intend to take your relationship to the next level.

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