Database be bold in updating articles

The authors thank Christian Koetschan for curation and maintenance of the database.

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These figures support recent estimates of 16,000 total Amazonian tree species based on ecological plot data from the Amazonian Tree Diversity Network.

In the following, we report the most prominent improvements in terms of stored data, taxonomic coverage, and changes in major lineages.

The new version of the database now contains 711,172 sequences, which nearly doubles the 379,329 of the previous release.

Furthermore, inclusion of the secondary structure improves the accuracy and robustness of phylogenetic tree reconstructions (Keller et al. Recently, it has also been applied in DNA (meta-) barcoding (Chen et al. Moreover, the NCBI Taxonomy (Federhen 2012) is continuously revised to reflect the current knowledge of the evolutionary history of represented taxa.

2010) and allows for distinguishing cryptic/pseudocryptic species via compensatory base changes (Müller et al. We thus performed a major update on the ITS2 workbench to benefit from this increased amount of data and make it available to the scientific ITS2 communities.

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