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Mobile device ownership is increasing in South Africa.

Research shows that there are about 20 million smartphone users in SA and students account for a large number in this.

Research has proven that students not just liked feedback given this way, but even preferred it.

Live digital polling/quizzing tools can be used both as welcome and exit tickets in the classroom for formative assessment.

Technology is powerful and it can be used in several great ways to make teaching and learning powerful.

What can be done and what cannot be done is limited, basically by the creativity of the user.

Lecturers must not simply add technology to make learning efficient, they must plan for the creative use of these technologies in the classroom.All these only makes the individual efficient and not necessarily effective.In education, lecturers can prepare Power Point presentations and upload to a Learning Management System rather than have to print a copy for each student.Rather than have students write a 2000 word essay after researching on a topic, where several of them would simply copy and paste paragraphs without necessarily understanding the content, lecturers could ask students to research and create a 5 minutes or less video or audio recording of what they had researched about.Lecturers can exploit the group chat features of mobile devices to create an online discussion forum to encourage class participation on content topics, even outside the classroom.

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