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Least I Could Do is updated six times a week (Monday-Saturday) with a standard three panel comic and once on Sunday with a new series called LICD Beginnings drawn in a classic Sunday ne...

The last 5 to 10 years has seen a huge explosion of quality webcomics of all varieties becoming available on the web mostly for free.

Short-form comics are heavily influenced by newspaper comic strips and often have little continuity.

If you only occasionally read them you're fine, indeed, especially if they emphasize comedy as they often do, you may really love 1 page in 10, for a particular comic, and be kinda meh on a bunch of others, and that is an OK reaction to the style.

Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! There is usually a fair degree of accuracy about the starting date, particularly in the case of comics whose archives are organized by date, but because of sporadic updates or the gradual loss of appeal of a particular strip the termination date is often uncertain.

shown after a name relate to the period during which the comic began appearing and, in the case of defunct comics, finished appearing.

I am thoroughly convinced that in coming decades, regular folk and literature professors alike will look back on this as time when the artistic flowering of America and other places often went through webcomics, much as we see the 30s and 40s as the golden age of comic books …

I really wish more people read more webcomics, so I'm trying to write up some basic notes on some of my favorites.

So as I read Girl Genius, it seems like a slowly evolving serial, of the politics and romances of mad scientists in a silly steampunkish world.

Generally, I have them ordered from my favorites to the ones I'm more lukewarm on within each genre, although promising ones that haven't put out many pages yet also go near the end of a genre. There are plenty of superhero and male-aimed comics I don't read, for example. Although the format is usually much like a newspaper comic, Monroe enjoys doing weird stunts that couldn't be done without the web, like comics that continually rescale, or that update in real-time, or that are highly interactive.

There is a spin-off called “What If” that is more like a blog, very text based with occasional illustrations, it explores silly physics what if questions with great skill and humor, sorta a comedy-physics mash up.

But this approach doesn't work much for all webcomics, a short-form or gag-a-day webcomic like XKCD is meant to be read in very short bursts, with very little continuity from page to page (like a traditional newspaper comic).

Also sometimes (like with Flaky Pastry or Templar, AZ), I'll forget about them for months at a time, and then mini-binge on everything that has happened in the last 6 months.

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