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Asad Ali, 47, was on Tuesday granted an adjournment to August 27 to gain medical reports to assess his health.He was taken to St Vincent's Hospital from the Melbourne County Court by ambulance last Thursday during sentencing submissions.

The court heard the victim had passed out on the footpath when another taxi drove past and tried to rouse her, driving off when he couldn't.

Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins is said to have a resting heart rate of 35.

When the rest of his details are plugged in, he gets a fitness age of 'younger than 20' The results can provide a stern wake-up call.

The left picture shows the calculation for a sedentary, moderately overweight 40-year-old woman.

The right picture shows the result using Bradley Wiggins' vital statistics Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology found that putting just five measurements - waist circumference; resting heart rate; frequency and intensity of exercise; age; and sex - into an programme helped them predict a person’s VO2 max quite accurately.

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