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I discovered masturbation while toweling myself off after a shower, which led to all kinds of confusion and experimentation.A friend, however, revealed to me in high school that his family was very open about masturbation.My parents talked openly about sex and told us repeatedly there was nothing shameful about it.They preached safe sex to us constantly, and made it clear that masturbation was healthy and not to resist the urge when we had one.i'm just curious if this is rare or more common than i think.they talk about being open to masturbating in front of each other.I remember buying adult newspapers from a machine and bring those home and we would read them together.They weren't anything hardcore but they did have stories about sexual situations (sometimes graphic) and was sort of the catalyst that got us going, at least in the beginning.

I knew we were "unusual" compared to other familes, but honestly it did not feel wierd or unnatural.

It does sound like you had a very open and healthy home. My family was a strange mixture of openness and repression.

My mother talked to my sisters about everything from contraception to abortion, but nobody ever talked to me about anything.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the old days growing up and how amazing it was to have a wonderful person with whom you could share the emotional and physical elements of sexuality in the form of masturbation and have no strings and no cares beyond that, but still be attached emotionally.

There have been times when I'm talking to her on the phone and I will carefully bring up the subject and I can just feel her open and receptive to talking about it, but as ironic as this sounds, I feel like we're both adults now and I am worried about embarrasing her or somehow causing a rift by being more direct.

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