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Small business owners that sign up to the app will be able to use Whats App Business and the regular version of Whats App as completely separate apps on the same mobile phone, Android Police has found.That should make it easier to separate their personal and professional lives, which will help with organisation and save a lot of stress.It’s currently only available for beta testers, but when it’s ready people will be able to place orders on Whats App, and even receive updates from companies, like delivery confirmations and flight times, through it.

Its such an easy way to make money while I'm at home. It's more like speaking to a friend than a customer.I usually work for only 10 - 14 hours per week when I am saving for holidays, and all I need is a landline and my acting skills.If I ever need any support the staff are a phone call away.What’s more, they can link their company’s landline number to their Whats App Business app, saving them from handing out their personal number to hundreds or potentially thousands of complete strangers.Messages and calls from customers will reach the landline number, but Business account users will be able to access them on their mobile.

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