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My North staffer Evan Perry sat down with Tester, Lagina, and their Heritage co-worker, Shari Chouinard, to talk conspiracy theories, coconuts, and the mystery of Row 7. Lagina: Well, my older brother, Rick, read an article in—and the article was about Oak Island.

It explained the Money Pit’s wood timbers, and the booby traps, and the treasure that nobody knew anything about. I was the younger brother—and I probably didn’t even read the article—but he comes and tells me, “Hey, look at this! ” So he gets me really interested because, well, I’m the younger brother.

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The broad outline is this: Oak Island is a 140-acre island located about 600 feet off the shore of southern Nova Scotia.

Since no one has yet dug up and sifted through the entirety of the island, technically, no one can say that there is no Oak Island treasure.

But, given the wide variety of treasure that’s said to be buried there–everything from pirate and Spanish treasure to the secret treasure of the Knights Templar to the legendary Arc of the Covenant, to say nothing of Shakespeare’s manuscripts, the jewels of Marie Antoinette, or Freemason artifacts (say, this would make for a pretty good headline about JFK being shot.

Something’s buried under Oak Island—at least that’s the belief that has led generations of shovel-toting treasure seekers to the small Nova Scotian islet.

Exploration of the island is currently being conducted by a tag-team of Traverse Citizens, Craig Tester and Marty Lagina, along with a band of their closest confidantes—friends, family, and a few long-time residents of Oak Island.

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